How Can Our Handyman Help You?

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Install Microwave

Install Washer & Dryer

Install Appliances

Handyman Appliance Installation

Our pro handyman team in Denton can install any major appliance including; dishwasher, microwave, oven, stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer. We can even send a handyman to install garbage disposal or dryer vent. 

Planning to remodel your kitchen? Read more about our kitchen handyman services

Need to fix something in your bathroom? Learn about our bathroom repair handyman services.

Handyman to Install Bathroom Vanity

The quickest way to update a bathroom is with a new bathroom vanity. If you’re searching for the right handyman company to help you with your bathroom, we’ve got you covered. We will remove your old vanity and replace it with a new one. You can also have our bathroom handyman to install bathroom fixtures such as:

      • Bathroom faucet
      • Grab bars
      • Heat lamp
      • Recessed lighting
      • Showerhead
      • Tile
      • Towel bars
      • Toilet

Closet Handyman

Does your closet need extra storage space? Could you use a better system to organize your things? Looking to add a closet somewhere in your home? Our closet handyman can help you choose just the right closet solution for your needs. We’ll measure the space, buy the supplies, tear down, haul away, and install your new closet shelving.

Handyman to Install Door

If you have an interior or exterior door to replace, call today. We can send a handyman to install a storm door, screen door, entry door, bathroom or bedroom door, sliding glass door, or French doors. Our handyman door installation services can fix:

      • Doors with squeaky hinges
      • Doors that don’t close properly
      • Doors that don’t lock 
      • Doors that get stuck
      • Doors that don’t close
      • Doors that don’t open
      • Doors that let a draft in

We’ll quickly replace your exterior doors so you can feel safe in your Denton home. We can also close-up doorways, create new doorways, and fix door jambs. 

Handyman to Install Laminate Flooring

Yes. Denton’s Best Handyman can handle all your flooring installation jobs, too. We offer:

      • Carpet removal
      • Carpet installation
      • Hardwood repair
      • Hardwood refinish
      • Install laminate flooring
      • Tile installation

Carpet fibers get broken down and frayed within the 3-5 years of installation. If your carpet isn’t quite so soft or has too many stains to count, it might be time to install new flooring. Our floor handyman services can also rid of squeaky boards in the subfloor, install thresholds between rooms, repair broken tiles, and so much more!

Kitchen Handyman

You hear the advertisements on the radio, “the kitchen is the new living room.” What are your plans for your kitchen? Is it outdated? Do you long for an open concept? Wish you had better lighting and a kitchen island? Or maybe you just want new appliances and a fresh coat of paint?

We Can Help

We have just the right handyman for your kitchen remodel or update. And since every dream kitchen is different, we’d love to schedule a consultation with you. Call (940) 291-3567 today or use our contact form to contact our handyman company.

Handyman Lights

Recessed Lighting

Our professional handyman can repair or replace your recessed lighting so you're no longer in the dark!

Light Fixtures

Shed some light on your home! Install new light fixtures in your bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Ceiling Fans

Our professional handyman can repair, replace, or install any light fixture, ceiling fan, or outlet in your home.

Can a handyman install recessed lighting? 

YES! Our pros can install recessed lighting. They can also replace or repair light fixtures indoors or outdoors. Keep trouble at bay by installing outdoor flood lighting, motion lighting, or landscape lighting.

Can a handyman install a ceiling fan?

Absolutely! A handyman can also: 

      • Install or replace bathroom vent
      • Install or replace electrical outlet
      • Install or replace outdoor lighting

Handyman Roofing Near Me

      • Leaking roof?
      • Torn shingles?
      • Wind damage?
      • Hail damage?

Looking for an experienced handyman who does roofing? You’ve found us! Denton’s Best Handyman team is ready to fix your roof. 

Call Us to Repair or Replace Your Roof for Less 

Our quality and workmanship are second to none. We standy by our work and will work within your budget to build a roof that is strong, durable, and protects your home – and family – from the elements.

Tile Handyman

Tile work is hard! But we’ve got an experienced and talented handyman who does tile work. And…we’re ready to work for you! Here are just some of the projects we can handle.

      • Bathroom tile
      • Backsplash
      • Decorative tile
      • Fireplace
      • Flooring
      • Kitchen tile
      • Shower tile

Window Handyman

Searching for a handyman to install or replace windows? How about a handyman for curtain rod installation or for installing blinds? We offer those services, too! 

Our expert window handyman can measure the openings and order brand new windows. We’ll then take out and get rid of the old windows. Then we’ll install new windows and frame them. 

We get the job done for a fraction of the cost of those companies who come around knocking on doors! (Annoying.) We don’t skimp on quality or craftsmanship, either.