Tell us how our handyman can help...

Handyman Maintenance Services

So many of our home repair calls come from homes that didn’t do proper maintenance. We can help save you big repair costs with regular maintenance services.

Handyman to Clean Gutters

As part of our maintenance services, Denton’s Best Handyman cleans gutters and downspouts. We ensure proper water movement away from the home and can also help with:

    • Install new gutters
    • Replace downspouts
    • Channel rainwater
    • French ditch

Handyman Maintenance and Services

Home Maintenance Projects

    • Clean range hood filters
    • Maintain garbage disposal
    • Change A/C and furnace filters
    • Clean windows
    • Add salt to water softener
    • Maintain refrigerator coil
    • Replace damaged window screens
    • Inspect weatherstripping around doors
    • Inspect roof for damage
    • Clean and repair outdoor porch/patio
    • Inspect locks and deadbolts on doors and windows
    • Oil garage door tracks
    • Clean dryer vent exhaust

We’ve got a handyman to clean gutters…and so much more!

Home Repair Handyman

You’re in the right place to find a handyman for small repairs. Our handyman repair company can handle any of your home repair needs.

    • Appliances large and small
    • Bathroom repairs – yes! even the toilet
    • Outdoor home repairs
    • Doors, drywall, fences and furniture fixed, too!
    • Roof repair
    • Stair repair
    • Tile repair

Handyman Appliance Repair Near Me

Many of the appliances in your home need regular maintenance. See our Maintenance Services. If they happen to break down, call our handyman to repair appliances, big or small.

Our appliance repair services include:

    • Dishwasher repair
    • Microwave repair
    • Oven repair
    • Stovetop repair
    • Toaster oven repair
    • Washer repair
    • Window air conditioner repair
    • Dryer repair

Handyman Bathroom Repair

Things in the bathroom break all the time. We can help you fix them. Call (940) 291-3567 to hire our handyman for your bathroom repairs.

    • Bathroom drawers
    • Broken shower head
    • Electrical outlets
    • Exhaust vent
    • Faucet
    • Mirrors
    • Shower tile
    • Toilet
    • Towel bar

Handyman for Deck Repair

Outdoor wood patios and decks take a beating from our Texas weather. With proper maintenance, they can last for a decade or more. Without proper maintenance, paint will bleach and peel, wood will rot, and stairs will wobble. That’s where we come in. We offer porch repair and maintenance including:

Handyman Door Repair

Door knob broken? Hinges wailing like a banshee? Threshold falling apart? Is there a nice breeze coming through the door even when it’s closed? Call our door handyman today. We can repair or replace: strike plate, hinges, deadbolt, door knob.

Installing a smart home? We can put in your smart lock and camera doorbell.

Handyman Drywall Repair

Denton’s Best Handyman offers drywall repair services. We can patch ceilings and walls in any room of the house. No matter how small – cover nail holes – or large – closing in a doorway, our handyman drywall repair services can handle it. We offer the following drywall services:

    • Demolition
    • Drywall installation
    • Drywall repair
    • Put up new wall
    • Close doorway
    • Close window
    • Install new window
    • Patch drywall
    • Remove texture
    • Tape, mud, and sand
    • Handyman painting

Handyman Fence Repair Near Me

Wooden fences need regular maintenance and painting. Chain link fences also need regular maintenance, although not as often. The movable parts of the fence, where doors or gates are, need the most attention. Our handyman fence repair services include:

    • Inspecting fence
    • Inspecting gates and doors
    • Repair or replace fence posts
    • Replace damaged boards
    • Repair or replace hinges
    • Repair gates and doors
    • Painting

Handyman Furniture Repair

We can build, move, or repair your furniture! In some cases, we can repair furniture on the spot. Sometimes, we may have to take it back to our repair shop. In either case, we’ll deliver your furniture back as good as new! Our staff can build, move or repair:

    • Nightstand
    • Bed
    • Chest of drawers
    • Dresser
    • Dining table
    • Chairs
    • Desk
    • Table
    • Bench

Handyman Services Roof Repair

Can a handyman repair a roof? Is Texas big? Absolutely! Look no further for professional handyman roof repair. Our experts will climb on your roof for an inspection. We’ll give you a full report of what we see up there. Then, if we think it needs fixing or replacing, we’ll let you know. 

We always offer a fair price, best customer service, and quality workmanship. Our honest team won’t try to sell you a roof replacement if you only need a patch. (We’re not like the other companies.)

Stair Repair Handyman

Do you have creaky stairs? Is the carpet or stain wearing off? Do your deck stairs wobble? Are people nervous to walk up to your front porch? Let our stair repair handyman come and fix your stairs. Inside or outside, we have the tools to repair your stairs. 

We can also install handrails and ramps for individuals with limited mobility. Lighting improves visibility and prevents falls. We can install walkway lighting, too!

Handyman Tile Repair

Tile is a home design feature that stands the test of time. If a tile in your kitchen backsplash or bathroom comes loose or gets broken, our tile repair handyman can handle it. Thinking about updating your tile work? We can install tile, too! Call our tile repair handyman at (940) 291-3567 to schedule a free estimate.