Denton’s Best Handyman is your place to find a handyman painter. Our handyman who does painting will help you update the interior or exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint. We’ll cover cabinets, concrete, decks, siding, walls, and more!

Handyman Painting Services Near Me

Interior Painting Handyman

Updating the interior of your home can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint. Our handyman painters bring all the supplies necessary to spruce up your home’s interior. We can also repair drywall before we paint to cover dents and nail holes.

Hire a handyman painter today for these interior home projects:

    • Accent wall
    • Bathroom cabinets
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Ceilings
    • Furniture
    • Mantlepiece
    • Trimwork
    • Walls

Exterior House Painting Handyman

The big Texas sun does serious damage to patios, siding, sheds, and outdoor furniture. Handyman and painting services can prevent damage and increase the longevity of outdoor surfaces. 

Choose Denton’s Best Handyman for your exterior home painting project:

    • Brick white-wash
    • Concrete painting
    • Decks
    • Driveways
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Patios
    • Siding repainting

Handyman Painting Services

How to Choose the Right Sheen for Interior Handyman Painting Projects

Paint comes in five different sheens. Flat, eggshell, satin, semigloss, and high-gloss. Generally speaking, the more sheen (or gloss) a paint has, the more durable and easy to clean it is.

Here are our recommendations for how to choose the right sheen for your project.

    1. Gloss goes in humid rooms. Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom and kitchen get the most humidity. Use a semi- to high-gloss paint to prevent the humidity from staining the finish.
    2. Flat is fine in low-traffic areas. Think home office, guest rooms, or the formal dining room.
    3. Satin is the best choice for the rest of the house. It lends a lovely glow to the family room and living room and can also be used in entryways to reflect natural light.

When Should I Repaint My Siding?

Here are our handyman recommendations for each different type of siding. If your home has several different types of siding, you may want to keep a schedule of when it was last painted and when it needs to be refinished.

    • Aluminum Siding: Repaint every 5 years
    • Cement Siding: Repaint every 10-15 years
    • Wood Siding: Repaint every 3-5 years
    • Vinyl Siding: Repaint every 5 years

Why Paint Cement?

Just like wood siding, outdoor cement surfaces take a beating from the elements. You can extend the life of your driveway, walkways, and patios by painting the cement. Cement paint need to be applied to a clean, dry, rough surface. Our handyman who does painting can prep the area and apply the cement paint. Painted surfaces may become slippery when wet. We can add grit to the paint to avoid slip and fall accidents.

How To White Wash Brick

A trendy outdoor look for brick homes is white wash. It gives a rustic but modern look to the home and helps protect the bricks. Here’s how to white wash your Denton brick home:

    1. Wash and prep the bricks.
    2. Remove old paint.
    3. Protect areas that won’t be painted.
    4. Prepare the white wash.
    5. Apply the white wash with a brush and dab with a dry cloth.

You should test an inconspicuous area with different washes. A 50/50 blend offers a medium coverage. But you may like more or less coverage depending upon your home’s features and the overall look you’re going for.