Our Denton pro handyman takes pride in creating safe environments for your home and business. Our local, professional general contractor team brings years of experience installing essential safety and mobility products such as:

Handyman Services for Elderly

We offer discounted and dependable services for Denton’s senior population. Seniors living on Holiday properties, Robson resorts, Brookdale, or any of Denton’s other beautiful, big Texas senior communities can hire our professional handyman for any job. We’ll happily fix broken tiles, cracked cement, loose handrails, uneven flooring, and any other obstacle that poses a trip hazard.

Home Handyman Services

What can Denton’s Best Handyman do for you? 

    • We’ll install grab bars in the bathroom to prevent slip and fall accidents.
    • We’ll secure handrails along walkways and on stairs so you have something to hold on to.
    • We’ll install security lighting for your peace of mind.
    • We’ll place lighting along walkways and in dark hallways so you can always see where you’re going.
    • We’ll fix broken or chipped steps and stairs.
    • We’ll paint walkways with sanded paint to prevent slip and fall accidents after a rainstorm or sprinklers.
    • We’ll build ramps into your home for walkers and wheelchairs.

Safety and Mobility Handyman for Seniors


Properly installed handrails are necessary for your home to be up to building code. Handrails should be installed at every staircase, inside or outside. You might also choose to have handrails installed along sidewalks or other outdoor pathways that may be uneven in spots. Grab rails should be install in showers and tubs.


Lighting not only adds warmth and charm to a landscape, it offers safety as well. Walkways should be lighted to prevent falls. Motion lights help with nighttime visibility and also act as a theft deterrent. A lighted staircase and/or stairwell prevents falls, intruders, and gives peace of mind.

Ramps and Accessibility

Older homes may not be accessible for individuals with walkers or wheelchairs. A ramp can be built to make entry into any home or business more accessible. This is required by law for businesses, but not for private Denton residences. Our professional carpentry handyman can build a ramp in the garage or to the front and/or back doors.

Stairs and Steps

Falls most often occur on or near steps. Denton’s Best Handyman can repair or replace broken, weak, or cracked stairs. We’ll also add walkway lighting and handrails to further enhance the safety and mobility of stairs.

6 Steps to Prevent a Fall

According to the National Council on Aging, every 11 seconds an older adult is seen in the ER for a fall-related injury. We work with homeowners and business owners to help prevent trip and fall accidents by improving the safety and accessibility of the property. Here are six additional steps to take to prevent a fall.
    1. Engage in a balance and exercise program.
    2. Ask your healthcare provider to do a risk assessment.
    3. Regularly review your medicines with your doctor or pharmacist.
    4. Get your hearing and vision checked annually.
    5. Keep your home safe (by hiring Denton’s Best Handyman).
    6. Talk to family members about appropriate safety steps.